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The Angel (12)

The angel

(Part: 12)

I'm not sure what to do .. I'm going to be in the middle of a long time.

I have a good time .. I'm lucky to go to church and see Nass .. I can see the lights outside of her house.
I'm not in the mood when I'm in the mosque

At the end of our love, both prayed to me to be with the death of both of them. That's how it's decided to be part of it or not.

Prayer is out of the church. The penguins' penguins started to spread on the earth.

 Go home to meet Nazi's house
You can see two shapes outside and you can not understand the reason why there's a little distance from the mosque ..

"Faizi mohan .. some nayaralea .. who are you hiding .."

I heard a shocking voice from behind!

At the mosque, the waiter Basheer Ustad looked at me with a smile and nose groin.

"You're coming to the church. It's not for kidding .. some day I will take care of you.

What would you like to do? .. I drew a little bold face and walked to the side.

She said, "I do not want to hide from you ..." she said, "that's the house of Nasiani, who is studying in my class.

"Oh go to the house of the child who is studying in the class. Go to the house and think of something else .."
"Hahah is gone .. I'm going to go to college now .."

Then I walked on my way home straightaway .. I walked a few miles back and realized that I had gone inside the Usthad mosque and once again I got hold of the wall and looked at the kitchen to see Nazi

My nosy .. the shining pale on the feet of the powder that was lying on the legs was shifted to the beauty of the place I left ...

If she had given me a glimpse of the same, then she would have come up with some other princess prince ...

I do not know what to do next .. I do not know what to do ..

I went to the house and washed me to eat and was ready to go to the college .. I was waiting for me to see the rash of impatience, and both of us started walking towards college

"What are you waiting for Rashi?"

"I do not want to go to school .. I'm going to be a class .. I think you're going to be at home .. I'm going to die in the house .. Good luck,

"Yeah, good day is not a good day .. especially in the morning,

"Oh, it's nice to see that face .. not just the look of it is enough to tell you what's in your mind .."

I thought you had to tell Rash yesterday ... but no need to do something .. Let me know everything first.

"I would like to say that it's time for me to walk up bail soon."

I've been walking along the speed of walking and started walking through the gates. Walking was coming to the gate and as usual I waited for her with a smile from the Kalpadavu waiting for me.

Rashi came up with my shoulders and started to step up the front ... I slowly joined her on the edge of her side.

"Ecca ... look for something to breathe .."
I can not wait ..

"Nassy is going to be like .. what's the question .. all the Gate's here is where you can stay .."

"That's all there is to see somebody close to us .."

"No one .."

"I'm sorry .."

"Why not?"

"Oh yeah .."

"Mum closed."

"Do not worry. Let's not lie. I'll open the door."

"Not closed .."

I closed both eyes and sat in front of her ..

"Hands off now .."

I stretched out my hand and stretched out my hand and looked at my hand and gave me a little something to put on my hands.

"Now the eyes open!"

I've seen her laughing open the eyes and I see what she's doing with a colorful cart made of vintage glass.

I wondered how to open it and look at the top of the cake and a little pigeon.

"What about Nazi .."

"I'm so sure .. this question will chop me .. Do not forget .. today is the birthday of Ika .."

I remembered it with a shock. It's true today September 2, when I was born on the earth ...

I put on her the gift at the bottom. Hold it with Nazi's hand with the smile, and say, 'Give me a long life with my cousin'.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I was laughing at my speech, and then i got up from my hand and walked forward in front of me.

The eyes are over the climb of the stairs ... how many birthdays have gone all the time ... It's been a normal day until now. Not that much important

I'm going back to the back and walking behind me with a shadow on my back ... Nazi, you do not have a look at my mind.

I went to class, and they all stood up with a big voice and sang a happy bartendai faizin.

We walked on the other side of the door with a cake in hand and we were fed up .. Then we said, 'look all the way to cut the cake quickly!'

Nazi was on the bench and walked to the table where I had put the cake .. Next, Rashi came to stay ... everything would be his job.

The cake was cut in the first place and happy birthday and he gave me in my mouth .. my blood .. rashi

The goggles filled with the eye gradually turned into a cry ...

"Do not worry about it,

I'm not sure if he's going to be in the middle of the day ...

The class started as usual after the end of the day .. Everyone is trying to teach in class.

During the interval I walked out with Rashi

"Tommy's not so much as I thought in the dream .. okay you know that your work .. But I did not give you a hint ..."

"That's what you want to get worse ... but yesterday evening Nazi told me about things that could happen .. And that's all .."
"It's not enough, I have not had a birthday celebration even after so long time. There will not be any more in this life."

I'm getting ready to climb to the class.

I'm not going to tell you what to do, but I'm not sure what to do .. I have got a look at this one La ... "

I'm so excited to know that i can not wait anymore ..

When I finished class I got up with the hand that I took out with her and after she got out.

"I 'm going home to go home ..."

"Yes, go home."

"Go on .. Let 's go for a few more .. So I'


 "That's the way they're going to tell you .."

I walked on my way to the next door .. with the thought of what she had to say ...

(to be continued....)

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