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The Angel (14)

The Angel 14

(Part: 14)

Come home, go straight to bed and wash in bed as a fresh bed. I'm not going to be a part of it, but I'm not sure what to do .. Came up to the room ..

Umachi came to me unusually slowly smiling on my head slowly smiling ...

"Ammachin's child has something to say to her ..."

I'm so late to ask you this question. I'm in a hurry to change my mind and jazz and jazz.

"" No,
"Fais .. I 'm in the hands of you, this is the face of the child of the Ummena Vandiya it will know Umuchi .. a few days,

I do not know what happened to Nazi and I do not know anyone else.

"It seems to you that Umichi .. I do not have the first time .."
This is the first time that I'm not sure what to do ..

.Act heard my reply back to the faces of silence in the room anymore ninnirannipeayi poor .. no, I thought I would um'maccineat vannatakum..ellameannum maraccuvekkarillallea now seriyavanunt with my love affair with anyone, without saying how long natakkanamennariyilla .. so .. dhairyamillannittalla to say, if our ago Afraid to say that it is consistent with the nayattin ...

After eating the lunch .. At some point in the room

As you reach somewhere .. the stars that make you around the scattering of colors .. the gleaming stream that gives the eye the warmth .. the gleaming small stones like gems .. swims in steamed goats in it ..

I'm not sure if it's the same thing ... I'm not sure if it's going to be a good one. Stars How to strike the face of the Divine prakasikkunnunt ...
Nazi came to my door as a angel coming from the paradise. It was a bit like a light from her to the sky. I woke up and ran to the far,
It was a dream come true .. i dreamed a dream i can not see .. one thing that separates me from Nazi .. I stand up and open the doors of the window ..

I do not know what to do, but it's just the way it's going to be. In peace, my eyes wrapped up in bed ...

It was late in the morning ... Umachi was walking badly while walking with the brush on the bathroom.

 NASI .. At the end of the bell to understand that the tea was gone, I went out of my house and ran to college.

"Where are you going to run this way?

"Ah Nazi then tell you that you did not come to the hell ..." I said to her, I took her steps quickly and went into class.

The first period is the usual mood for us in times of trouble .. So late in the door, we found ourselves standing on the door

"I mean so early .. tai phyas in your hand .. do not you look at all the time .."

I'm going to be in the middle ...

"Oh yeah .. I'm not here from here, you know the class will start .. Nazia with a bench .."

When I was about to sit in the bench after hearing Maash's speech, I walked out and quickly caught up in Nazi's hand.

"Waiting for me was masse faiyin in the morning .. mash him out with me .."

When I was nostalgic, all the boys were shocked together .. I slowly kissed the rash.

Pothan Mash's face was not serious and came to our side ... I also called her and showed her hand to walk outside the classroom .. I took the hand of NASI and came out of the classroom and came from the chariot
Nasian is the last laugh ...

"You're laughing at me .. chasing me crazy .."

"Then laugh .. I do not want to throw out Ikkan .. So get out of here too .."

It's good for me .. I just do not know what she's doing .. Well it's better than the punch of masch's past, so you can see my eyes out with the naked eyes, and then i can sit down and talk to her.
I've been in a relationship since then, but I'm not sure what to do ..

I was in the shadows of the evening and all I got was to walk out of Nazi's hands ... Steps went down to the front of the Gate and took hold of her .. I know it's for me .. Even after coming in the shadows of the whirlpool, I found her out and I pulled her hands up and started to talk angry.

"Do you want to show me this bureaucrat .. come on?

I can not wait to see my angry talk .. I've seen my face fall down while talking

"I'm .. we're scary .. we're going to pick up my darling, dreamed yesterday, dont tell me, dont know me,

I can not answer it when I say what she wants to say

"It's a dream, Nazi ... that's all I'm thinking about.

It's a dream come true for me, but I'm not sure if it's going to happen, but I'm not sure if it's going to happen, This Nazi alive and alive Simple .. "

"You do not need to think NASI .. no one's pequulula .. I can not agree .. I'm going to get some good stuff and say goodbye to my hand ... you come home .."

One way out of the bus ...

I also went back home ... I do not think to go to play .. Nazi why I was so sad .. I fear that I will be separated from her .. She was telling me about the dream of yesterday ... she was upsetting her a lot.

I have a bath and have been reading some books for a while ... it's unusual. But still do not want to go somewhere until tomorrow to go to class.

"I'm not going to go back to you,
Umma questioned me when she was eating me .. so that's why it's true that she is looking for me .. I know how to work, so i know I'm going to work. So I did not go to the room without having to answer to the room.

I'm not sure if it's going to be a good thing for me, but I'm not sure what to do with it. It's enough to walk. "

I have heard a shock and a scream of mystery .. my nose ...

(to be continued...)

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