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The Angel (15)

The Angel 15

( Part: 15)

I'm so excited to hear about it.

I'll find out if Uappa goes to eat food ...

"Is not that the girl's nuptial salts .. Nassian's to study with me ..."

"And that's a good idea for the child ... the next child will come in .. good monkey in my mo .. what a nice character, the eyes and a good montenar au come first niche to eat and eat ... madden my father,

I went to the kitchen on the mummy ... I did not do anything to make hale and mangot ..

I'm not sure how it works ... I'm a very good person is someone who said ... someone like my nas i loved it ... that's the way it's ... I will be left in the world ... happy for him ...

In the midst of my mind a drop of tears drops with a baby ball ... that's it.

Nazi .. she knows where she knows

Umichy's call was heard ...

I'm not going to sleep in the room, but I'm not sure what to do ...

I'm not going to tell him that he was going to college soon after I walked out of college, and he was asking me to stop 'what's wrong with me' .. when he said 'go to college,' he will not say anything.

Nazi was sitting face to face ...

My assumption was not wrong ... she knew her wedding ... she went to go and called Nazi,
 "Manaf in the town here is Manaf, he has a lot of business in the country and in the Gulf ... I can see you on the bus ... everything is going to be stuck. I do not know how much I cried ... I do not worry about the last month's date. "

Rashy's shoulder on his shoulder

Rashi has been waiting for my face for some time, but I'm slowly pulling it off from my stand and pulling it off from Nazi's side.

"Tas Faizi, I do not understand what you're talking about,
"I'm going to have a look at some of the things I've been talking about ... Rashmi I want to do ... "

Rashi climbed into the eye of the caller and asked me to scream ... he mentally shoved hands from the caller and went to Nazi's side ... After talking to her she came to me ...

"Tas Faizi is coming to your jasmine .. you left her with Nassian class ..."

She said, "I walked straight to Nazi ..." Jasmine comes in .. wipe the eye and go to class with her .. I'll come back "and said," do not go for this problem ... "

Rashi asked me if the two of them were laughing at and talking step by step with Nazi Jasmine.

"" Well,

I looked at him in the sense of wherever he was

"I'm not going to let you go .. I'm not going to let you go .."

If I did not do it for my Nazi, she realized that she would lose her forever and I ran to walk with him with the thought of seeing everything in my place.

I was looking at his face when he was walking ... he smiled and he smiled at me .. he smiled at me

How bold he is,
, Even my Nazi could have understood me as well ..
I do not remember how much happened with him, we walked in front of a huge building in the town. We saw Arakkal jewelers on the front board of the front door. I knew some of the racist walks that way. Then we ran to the door with Rashi.

The gold jewelery put on the watch in the frozen room is a gorgeous piece of gold jewelery. A charming young man is writing a few things in the front cab.
 Manaf must be ..

I'm slowly rushing to the other side ... my heart was burning fast by fear.

(to be continued...)

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