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The Angel (16)

The Angel 16

( Part: 16 )

As we walked by him, the man stood up, stood up and ran out of the seat.

We had some laughs in the hands of our laughs ...

Rashi was the one who answered his question ...

"We've come to tell you something .. you're the one who will bundle Nazia."

"I 'm sorry .."

"Dan and Nazia likes to love ... If both of them like you and you want to get away from this wedding ..."

She heard Rashi's speech without a hush and he came to my side with that smile on his face.

"What he said was true ..."
I mean i'm heading ..

"And then the boy's family did not tell me that ..."

"Yep .. thinking .. we have to say our vëry samayamakumpea to get the pleasure of the house, but not even dream wedding would be vicariccatalla atinitakk avalkkinnanearu. Enikkavalillate can not. She's .. We have lived in this despite the fact that kuteyullearu kalamaval my life so much and I dream of atuttpeayatan, today live in her N .. everything will be untied, not to see the body, the two of you go ahead and kalyanakkaryamayi to all of you ... "

It's just that my eyes are full of sadness or anger ...

"It's true that things are like that ... I liked the kid ... but it's so sure what she's saying ..."

"" What do you think of it?

She was so stupid .. She said she was two guys who came up with suspiciously .. Whoever asked her all about her
He told me to meet Nazi at the college when he was in college ... I was walking straight away from college and ran to Rashi.

When Manaf asks what she will say ... I do not know what to say ...

The first two episodes were passed on to the interval, and Rachi went to the hospital after he went to the hospital and was delayed to climb to class.

With the face of the Nazi would totally see her in the afternoon and in the evening .. Total vepralattilanenn had gone to her natannatumellam as well as food kantalariyam Manaf said at the time ... do not worry, all silent and still mariyittuntayirunnilla the face of the Nazi we heard ... Between the pump pirikkeann areatannillate ceadikkunnuntayiruna Naval ...

I know how you waited till the class was able to go ... I went to Nazi and Rashi only after class. When we got to college with her, we were waiting for the Manaf bus stand.
"Nazi ... Manaf stands in front of us waiting ... I want to tell you what i have said .. I want to tell you that you do not have a problem after ..."

She grabbed hold of my hand and stood beside Manafe and started talking like us with a prankster ...

"Nazi has come to know me ... I came home yesterday .. It's up to the date of Nikkei's date with all that I like ... but they say they love you ..."

I'm returning to my list of ways to answer her ...

No matter how silly you are

"No matter what you are talking about ... there's nothing between you ... Just friends that's so ..."

My paws are up for me to say no .. but i told you no matter what ...

"Nazi asks you ... tell us that we like to say something mentally ..." I was angry with her hand and said with anger ...

There was a kind of smile on the hair of Manafine waiting for her reply.

I 'm not going to tell you what to do .. "

"No ... we do not like one another ... it's good friends is like that ..."

Nazi's reply was unexpected ... I felt like she was going through the chest of lightning ... what i heard ... she and I am just a Friendship .. At the moment I thought I was not my Nazi

I'm not sure if it's going to be the same thing ... I'm not sure what to say ... ...

I do not know what you are doing, but you know what you are doing, you know what you are doing. ... She was not such a baby ... Every man was just like a human being Parayippikkan to succeed .. "

Manaf, who smiled and made me look like the winner, took a car and took off to speed ...

I can not wait to see you all the way

I heard the bus hiding from behind and handed over to NASI in that place and went home.

A whole type of crazy situation ... walking like a madman was going on speedily looking all over ...
As soon as I went home, I went to the room and broke open the door and threw all the crap into the bed ...

All of us have done something in the past, and I'm back in the mind again .. "No, we're not good at all, it's good friends is that much .." Nazi's words are hiding in the chest ..

Yes, I'm cheated .. I'm betrayed by nasi that i thought was my own time ... everything was okay ... i was just a toy in front of her ... I love her all over and I love that ... Nazi is no-one in front of today ...

I'm so excited to see what's going on in my life ... That's it Keatuttatayirunnallea is my soul ... I think yamuntennu

"Faizi monan de vendu kan kunkkun kan kunkkende .. waiting for you to shut yourself in the door and stay inside .. Umman's child to get up to the tea ..."

I'm so excited to see how it's going to come out of my way. By August

"" I 'm not going to let you go ... "

I'm going to get out of the house gates with Rashi. I do not know what to say with him .. A whole type of frozen situation ...

"Tas Faizi .. we are wrong .. we do not know Nazia is such a child .. so it does not seem like that .. we went away .. there was only a manaf when you said that you'd love to say that you love it alone ... That's all you love ..."

I want to answer to her question ... crying came as the larvae came into the throat .. the sound did not come out ... do not cry before the rash

I'm not sure if it's a good thing ... but i'm not sure what to do ...

"Rashi ... I do not know what to say .. I do not know what i love, I'm going to tell you what life is going to go ... all you have to do ... you know, my body is marathon .. life is there ...
You know, Nassin I walked with this breast. I'm a mere front front .. just a front .. "

"Faisy said," I do not think we can ... I 'm not sure how to do it .. how can she quickly tell you how much I've seen?
"I'll be tired .. I love you all the time ... i'm so sorry .. I do not want to miss .."

I've been waiting for a few minutes to go to the hall, and I'll turn around .. he's gone .. he's gone to play ..

I have a lot of things to say about it, but I'm not sure what to do .. I'm waiting for tomorrow's dinner with the eyes Lying on the lake ...

(to be continued...)

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