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The Angel (10)

The angel


The eyes open with the eyes open to the eyes of the sun. The late night's fatigue hurt her eyes. Eyes are moving up and light on the wool (member of the hall) to go out of the hall of light.

Yesterday the wall of the wall has been screwed up .. I feel pain worse.

Nice and tea has already gone straight to college ... I want to see Nazi very quickly. You do not know what to do with quarreling. I do not know what to do next ..

Rashi is in front of the Gate ... he's gone ... nowadays he's going to see Nazi in his house in this house.

"I 'm not going to let you down .."

"Well, that's fine .. I do not want you anymore," he said, "I quickly took him to Nazi.

Nazi alone is gone

"Tassy Faisy was a lean and I thought that was the bell .. I'm here, I'm going to go to class .. I can not find my shabee .."

"Shabio .. That's it"

"" That 's all you need .. I' ll go ahead and take your hand.

I'm not sure if it's going to happen ..

 I'm so excited when I'm in the classroom

Nazi talked with Rashi who stood in front of me in the classroom ... I was so waited for all of this .. I was so angry with her that she was so angry with her.

I put up with the bag bench and stood up in front of NASI .. Rashy quickly watched me from Nash and went to the bench.

Rashi said, "I'm coming to see her face laughing gently.

"Nazia .. you come here with me .."

My question with the angry question

"Tea asked from you .. you came with me."

"That's .. I'm with the reshma .."

"Did not you know that I was waiting for you?"

"I know Mum .."

"So what do you do with her?"

"I have not told you to wait for me.

Nazi replied in the backdrop ... the boys heard it and started talking to us about the talk ...

 I never thought she would ever say that ... I do not know how sad it is when i come inside

The boys all looked at Nazi's reply and started laughing at me. Without anger I could not bear the humiliation of the bench.

I will not be able to do anything for you, but you can not do it. I stopped and stopped Niyumulla relationship .. "

I'm on the bench to come up with a little bit of frustration and come up on my bench. All of you are staring at me and staring at me .. I do not know what to do with anger.

Rashi was silently watching Nazi and Nazi. All the kids started to discuss why we had a break with us.

The first period Babu Sir levival was the free period.

I slowly headed down the bag and looked down below

I do not think she's going to tell me how much she's going to say .. I was so angry that she was angry at me .. It was all okay .. I missed her even as she had been with me. I'm not sure what to say ... I'm not sure what's wrong with that ...
 Have gone ..

I looked up slowly and looked at her

Nazi .. She's hiding her face with her hands and lying on the bench .. and crying .. that's the worst thing.

But Vashi did not agree with me .. I headed back on the bench and dropped it down ..

The second bid for the pen was also coming to the Nizam sar class .. I'm slowly moving away from the bench .. Nassi's lounge with the useless lounge asked her what was the headache when she asked the headache

At intervals, Rashi's shirt was taken out and taken off

"Tas Faizi ... you can not build me anymore ... that too with that cute guy .."

I'm not going to be in the middle of the day, but I'm not sure what to do .. She asked On the medal, you know that .. many when it chunk takarnnata to wait for me. However, the Nazi me .. "

I'm a smile ..

I do not know what to do .. I do not know what to do,

I do not know how to do it, but I do not know what to do ..

"Ik .."

I heard a thin voice of Nazi .. I turned to Nazi at you and ran to Rachi class ..

She's called ..

"Ik .."

I do not know what to say .. I'm not sure what's wrong with me .. I do not know what to do .. I'm so excited to hear that I'm not going to be in a hurry. To me Why not me ... I did not see the itrakkeallea measures .. Alright .. "

Her groaning was slowly turned to cry ...

I have not been able to answer .. I've made a lot of misunderstandings .. I knew nothing badly about what's wrong..What does he say

I'm staring at her hand and gently tapping it off.

"Even the thought of a dream that one day even the problem occurred to you to see kaliyannitta Nazi annaneakke yesterday ... today is going to the trouble and take pics livanenn klasilekk the time you come back .. awesome keancikkeantirikkunnatu all that anger came to a total of vattayappea said nan..niyeannum had put me in mind pinakkami Come to see us in the Nazi kaliyanippea bellatikkum interval .. yeah .. and untidy class "
I'm going to have a little bit of things to do with that .. I'm going to have a good time ..

We both had a meal from a lunch at the time of lunch and we both had a meal ... We still had a bar in between us after eating .. I walked out with Rashi and walked out with him all the things that were happening. And he was poisoned when he went to the last class. I want to apologize to her T wants to go home, 'he said, in the sense that it is ready to help and I can help .. Kristin .. ceyyanam..atraykk vedanappiccittunt the NWT and her face came back to her class sred'dhiccirunnu..palaya see the vibe. Smiling everybody

The bell to end the class ends with a way out of the kids, including the Rashi. After all the landing, I also took the Nazi hands down.

"Ecca is in my hands ... I can not do it anymore.

"No matter what you have to do is get wet in the rain."

"Rain drops .. oh doo do not get a fever .."

"It's just that I'm going to have to do that .."

"I'm going to walk with the rain .. powam in the cold .."

"Oh I 'll keep you stepping first. Nazi should not get wet."

"That's the way I'm going to get up here too late .. I miss the rain"

Like a small child, she smiled a smile around me without knowing what she was saying ...

I'm going to take her to the top of the bed and take her to her face ... and when I'm starting to play with the rain water again .. Walking in the stump outside Larkke and fallen Nazi prostitute .. I will hand all that she first became peticcankilum Hey, my fear ..

"Hah yeah i want to cheer up now?

"At the same stipe is the kale .. look and pick up and pick up the ekka .."

I do not even know what the NASCI did ..

I went in slowly and tried to get her hands up and help me .. The last burden of the girl .. tried again. So after half of my life I felt that I was not able to feel all the strength

One moment I waited to my chest and I too went to the pillar in the back ...

And that's where I've been with my face to face. Nasie's relief started to fall on my lips.
I'm looking forward to seeing something like that .. I have a deep hair falling deep in my head and half of her face is lying in the hollow of a rainbow of a tomato rolling in the bottom of the scorpion. .. her blue color is full of moonlight .. .

Nazi rang with me with a special voice .. I saw that the thin lips that were thirsty for me to do away with all my restrictions that I was holding back till then ..

I caught my hands with her hands on her beard and put her face to my face. I slowly kissed her lips on her lips, a deep kiss ...

(to be continued)

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