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The Angel (11)

The angel

(Part: 11)

I do not remember how long that stadium ... just like the neighborhood was forgotten. Like a magic world ...

I saw my eyes open and my eyes closed on my shirts.

I'm not sure what to do .. I do not know what to do .. There's something there on the pillow

It's all about going to bed .. but i do not think she's up to her to get up, but the closest her closest to me to the world.

Let's look at the face of innocence, even if it is not perfect. Maybe this is one of the reasons .. We both are telling lies about the love of the couple and this should be the beginning of love .. Or it may be the end of the relationship that others have done.

I'm not going to tell you what to do ..

I woke up and walked to her side .. She was standing with her.

"Nazi ..."

I can not wait to see her .. I can not wait to see her in my life.

I've been searching for her face in the middle of the day and can not guess what's in her mind.

When you look out for the rain. I'm in my hand ..

"Ecca .. I 'm telling you this is what love is about .."


In reply ..


When the Nazi propaganda with a smile, that sapphire was shining like a sun.

I can not tell you how much time I can tell you to tell her what i thought to say to her .. I watched her to the side .. I joined her in the side .. As I read my mind, the mummy was holding on to the same ...

"Nazi .."

"Mum .."

"NASC .. I love you too, I love you .. but if you have a look, you will understand me earlier .."

She smiled again ..

I do not know what to do, but that's what I'm talking about. I was afraid .. "

"I love you too."

I'm not sure what to do, but it's just the way I'm going to do it. I do not think that's the way it is .. I can not see it until death .. but still as long as I'm with my brother

I love you so much ... I've come to see you in the wooden coaching yesterday.

She's going through my shoulder ...

I do not know what to do next .. I can not see one thing in my life only with my closeness to understand my love ..

"Ik .."

Her call came back to my attention ..

"What about NASI .."

"I do not know anything .. I really like it or told me to comfort me .."

Before she could speak, I had her mouth with my hands.

"I'm not going to tell you how much I'm going to do this .. Only the Iyu..ippea you will, when you have a lot of nonsense in my nasikuttiye asvasippikkanalla tiriccentu parayanamennariyilla ... that is not broke .. "

She gave me a pinch of pin on her shoulder

"But still .. I do not want to do this .. what is it?"

"That's nasal hurray .. I do not know when you see your stands so late.

"I do not know how much I'm going to do,

I was looking at the watch..It was too late for the time..I did not give a reply

I was walking with the Nazi and the books in a hand in the rainy rain.

When the bus arrived at the bus stop, all the kids had gone away .. and she was just there and i was .. there was not much time to come next bus.

"I 'm not sure if I'

"Hahahahahahahahaha ..."

"Let's not see this now"

"That's no way to watch the night .."

"Mum no one will not let me go .."

Our shoes come on ..
I'm going to go home from the rain and take her out of the bus.

I've walked through the rain with a lot of rain, and all the books in my hands have grown so wet ...

I'm so excited to see you coming in with the rain that comes with the rain.

"You have to show me what you are,

Umpachi upped the kitchen in the kitchen and stretched out and cried out in the thorath mundundi ..

"Faisen, you're like kids .. when you rained on it,

Walked to the kitchen with me Umuchi

"No mummy's golden lioness is a joy in the past .."

Jasmine behind

As usual I walked into the room with a laughing smile on her cheeks and snakes.

I do not even feel like to play. Just a few moments ago ..

Nazi Awleni is not just a girl .. my life. My daughter. That's all my blue eyes, and all the crazy things out of spruce ..

Came to the room of Umichi

"No Faizi can not tell you what it's all about .. You can smile at any moment .. Umman's daughter is getting sick anymore .."

I do not know what to do ..

"Do not tell the truth Nanny loves me .. I know that both are not lovable"

"Jasmine is going to sneak a lot for you .. lick you go laugh and walk in .."

"Oh yeah, l'lin l'l'myst so i just wanted to say it's funny smile .."

I do not know how to do it .. I do not know what to do .. Large weight should come down Set ..

Nazi's beautiful face opened my mind to my eyes.

(to be continued..)

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