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The Angel (5)

The Angel

(Part: 5)

        On the front bench, Nazi is sitting alone

"Tas Faizi we are going to have the class we're going to go on .. yesterday we went to school .. we go to the bay .."

Rashi turned around and walked out of my hands.

"Okay, so i do not know what to do .."

Then I ran to Nazi and ran to the bag bench against Rashi. She smiled at my perfume's smile.

"Faisica .. I'm going to go back to my old class .. I'm in the class .. there's a cheese, you're going to be back ..."

Rashi came out of my hand and pulled me back

"" I do not know what is going on in my life,

Rashi laughs at me again and laughs and smiles and laughs into the class. Other children coming to the class were looking at Nazi.
It was a joy to be able to tell me the next days, and I was going to bring myself to the class by going back to the bus stops in the classroom. So we fell in love with each other in the college kids.
Nazi is the princess and I'm going to follow her in the hands of her ..

Even our favorite teachers called me so much .. calling me nicely with that call.

That we talked about a lot of things in her hand and the rest of the house with the natakkumpea phrantsinekkuriccum .. which is already her mind is full of thoughts ... What's more, even if kalikkumpeayum football kitakkumpeayum bed bathroom bath filled with the blue eyes ... manas'silannane both taught in the same class ticcers ayirunnankilum The hill and the rest of the time I do not see her looking so young in a special beautifully .. sred'dhayeate kateartt smiling to see the Nazi teach the class ..

 Our friendship is going on with everyone's jealousy.

So when the college kololsavam is taking place on a day .. Nassi standing in front of the stage jazmi handing me to Rishi's back to the stage.

For months, his love for Shabana with Rashi in mind was the reason why he wanted to inform her .. He told her Shabana some of the things that she told him to put her on the ground.

Shabana talked with my friends about my arrival and stopped looking at my arrival.

"Shabana is one thing to come."

"What is the matter"

"You can tell me where you want to get there until you have something to come from Rashik .."

I'm not sure what to do ..
"What are you saying?"

Shabana asked Kathakali after Rashi

"It's back .. it's .."


"It 's good and you'

"Call this to say .."


"Do not have anything else to say ..."


Shabana was very disappointed with his disappointment and said, "I'm not telling you to tell Rachi from the back .. I can not wait to shut the rash for a while ...

"Ta Rashi said you can not tell her that you like her .."
Rashi Shabana holds her hand over to the wall and shifts her with the hope of shocking me and Shabana.

I have a lot of things to do, but I do not know how to do it. .. n Urappiccatan not seen you since the first day of the college shall go to your kaluttilearu Mahar .. .. vilunnuntankil not earn enough to say ippeayeannum Although a lot of time to think ... "

Slowly walked out of her hand and slowly walking towards the raci station in slow mot action.

I'm not sure if it's going to be the same thing ..

He's been searching for Rash with the thought that he wanted to get the most out of the happiness of his decision.

Food boiled lunch break, I walk in the shadow of the Nazi rallying vagamarattinre head to the sky, standing behind cuvappaninnu College ground .. .by the Nazi rasikk ceytu..avalkkum food is incredible .. we spoke with say dhairyameayenn was previously kalikkunnatinitayil sharing food and utensils after they had washed the Nazi Her question ikkunnatinitayilan

"I do not love you so much .."

"So what do I do?" "

"No, I'm not asking you, do not you love me?
Nazi .. I do not want to go to school, but I do not know how much love you get in love .. Would not you like to see a girl so long ago .. "

"Somehow before or after somebody could see"

The sudden NASA question has been heard.

"Nazi can tell you the love of anybody at any time .."

"I do not know what i do .. I'm not sure so much like ikan ... i love you who is not in the eye .. is not what i'm going to think about .."

Nazi asks me what do you want to say?

(to be continued..)

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