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The Angel (6)

The Angel

(Part: 6) 

When the reply was not answered, Nazi asked me to ask what was going on in my mind

That's you, you're always with me .. I am always in this night's sleeping night. I woke up to say that my princess, Nazikkuti, wanted to be with me, and to be with me.

I do not think that's the only thing I've ever seen in my life. Will be ..

"That's not Nazi
I'm just saying that .. "

I'm so excited to hear that ..

"Eka .. we love us and we love them, is someone a coat?"

"And .."

I'm very sad

"I want to ask you something .."

"Nazi ask for .."

"I'm so disturbed by the fact that I'm not going to do that ... I'm not sure what's going on,

She was so angry when she heard her ..
I've been on the look out for a long time ago .. I'm so excited to say that i love you so much

I slowly joined her in the door .. She took her white sack in her hands .. her blue sap

"Nazi .. I do not have a look at you .. well, I can not handle this .."

A smile ..

"I'm just starting to look after you, and I've forgot to see a lack of sight and I can see everything in the class .. we're class .. with our friends all of this college .. what's up to us .."
Nazi's speech heard a smile on my lips

"I see a smile on my face .. I see it too .."

It's time to start thinking about everything in front of us. It's time for us to start with the next item of the festival, Pothan mash mike. We hear from Nazi and Chingankan.

It's just that she's going to be in the middle of the stairs .. I've been in the chair of the jazm in the chair in front of the stage. Nazi was in that chair.

Nazi was there in front of the friends I stood on the side of the side of the side and looked atoppans .. Nazi and noki kalikkittattu ..

When he saw the stage to grasp the rhythm of the hand of the virgin bride madhuvurunna pattineappam around and looked at me .. once I got a rack of Nazi mailanciyaninn Maran putunariyayi naniccirikkumpeal bakkinn comes at a time when seen in a dream ... .. quietly impressed us rasiyan turn to look good on stage water Lkkunnunt ..
A look at Shabana's bridesmaid's bride on stage. Looks like Luckily knows it's Shabana.

"Do not be good enough .. So all of Nokia went on stage and got along with my brother."

"Ponnottu .. we need it .. we do not like that we do not do that .. Faith in the hands of us now we have a lifetime .."

Rashi said jokingly about Nazi but in the sense that he did not understand, I turned back

"Which grabbing .. who's grabbing .. what rashi you say .."

I'm not going to see you anymore ... I'm not joking that you can not see me anymore .. I'm just a lover .. A lover can recognize another lover soon enough ... No matter what you're learning, In class, she was with her I'm not sure what to do .. I'm not sure what to do .. Will stand to say .. "

I do not even know how Nazi could walk with her anytime ..
I missed on the shoulder of Rash .. i tried to smile .. I can not go .. Nasi came close to me .. I was a lot more .. I still have to read my mind after i say something ..

At that moment my eye was full of gratitude to the God who gave me this gift.
Rashie took me on my shoulder and took me to the ground.

"Tas Faizi .. So in my mind, how can you know her?

"I'm not going to be like a moody ... I'm not there ... it's hard for me to see ... I do not see the way I'm with her. I'm home and talked to my house .. SHALL nnataccalum the mind, open eyes full of .. "

"Hi hi hi mona you love the love of the bone .. You do one thing, open her and tell her you'll notice to me .. you can not even understand .. I'll tell you madam,

I do not know what to do .. I do not know what to do .. .. "

"" I 'm not going to let you go .. "

With Rashi, I walked back to the stadium where I was riding on the racquet.
I'm in the middle of the bus stop .. I've been in the bus stop for a while .. I felt like a little tired .. I had to eat some nicer food after eating a few of the cure and then sleeping with me. Not remembering the bed..No cold nails .. morning I learned a terminal and fallen headlong follows up on the bed, quickly pursued rediyavanayi ..

(to be continued..)

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