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The Angel (7)

The angel

(Part: 7)

I can not wait to scream at the end of the stairs .. sit in the bed and sit on the bed .. just like something okay ..

I can not wait to hear from you .. I can not wait to get out of my mind ..

My soul is coming in with my nostalgia coming up with a nostalgia of life .. a moment of mine ..

No glasses .. Maybe it's going to be no more deathless.
My Nazi waited for me to remember to take that hand to the class
I will not be able to see you, but it's a lamp instead of an eye. All of you, all your life, loved me a lot.

And remember, you're not .. I do not mean you do not know that beautiful love. The memories of the masks we used to call fake ..
As a way to bring me a look when the eyes are completely closed ...

The last one caught up in ... the soul is inside ..

"Faisen .. get up, Mr. Faisin .. you're upset ... try to get up slowly."

I've been waiting for a moment to see what's going on. I've been a little bit frustrated. I'm surrounded by a large group of doctors .. I'm out of the boxes of my earth.

"Faizi Mona Faizi .."

 I'm so excited to see you in my eyes.

"Mr. Faizi who yesterday made a small mistake parriyatan .. .. phudpeaysan from the diet can bring the night, of course, with the vaidyamarunn apakatattilakki..ninnale conditions had not even tried to guess how little vaikiyirunnankil entakumayirunnenn .. Thanks to God everything is normal, I parayuka..nannalekkeantakum .. It is. With the entrance of the two days, it will go to the house once .. "

That's when the doctor ran out of the room and smiled on my face .. Umachi stopped crying .. slowly gave him a kiss.

"What happened yesterday yesterday morning .. come to the room to call you?

"Do you want me to be alone?" "You need to go to the house and talk to me there.

I'm going to have a good time ..

Sometimes i think about it ..

The sound of the door opened and I turned and looked at the rashi

"" I 'm not sure if I'

"So you can not come to college for two days,

"It 's just that we' re going to have a good time,
"Outside .. Pattachonu are the ones she's mommy and saltpachi jasmine. Without looking at my bed, I gave him a treadmill.

"" I 'm not going to let you know that I'

"It's a racist and you're not going to get in front of the jasmine at home .. I'm just a friend .. I'm crying that she's my boyfriend .."

"I do not know that .. do not tell me that you are the woman you love.

"Destroying everything and calling her out of here and calling her there, she will take the rest of her life from jasmine ..."

Rashmi's door was opened and he pulled Nazi inside and then he went out. I'm just Nazi in the room ..

Nazi from the edge of her eyes with sarcastic eyes. I stood up in my arms and took her to my side .. She was sitting in the cottage without holding the grip of her hand ..
"Ik .."
"I'm so sorry about what i'm going to do ... I think it's a good idea.

"Nazi said yesterday that he had a problem with the food he had dinner yesterday .. Doctor told him that the food is a foodpot ... now there's a lot of trouble .. I thought I was dead .. there was a lot of pain.

I'm going to say that

"What are you calling me faisn .. come and come to me to honor you Nazi .."

She smiled at me again .. I heard my speech and a light came to her face .. We were silent for a while ..

"I do not know what i do .. I'm not sure what i'm the serials .. I'm so sorry that it's hard to wait for some time to go to the front of the Gate.

I sat up and sat next to her .. Nassy understood my proximity and walked towards the back of her hand.

"Ecca to play De Eca is i'm not smoking and I'm not just the college .. I have not been so close to Uma,

Nazi said he did not finish .. jasmine karemy by opening the door open the door .. okichi .. I suddenly fell into the bed like a hammer.

I dont know why i dont see u .. i'm so funny

She came to Nazi towards her and came up with her on my shoulder and looked at me with a big smile .. This girl and you were so alone to talk so alone. Nassi got up slowly and moved back to the knit.
"If you do not see this kid,

Uma looked at her and asked her the way she meant ..

Nazi was told that she was going to be in the house .. Nazi walked out of the shirt of Rashi .. i went to Nazi ..

Doctor Rust shortened to one day for a doctor because he did not see his doctor and asked him to go home.

The next morning, she ran to college and rushed to the ridge and rushed her to the front of the gates, but she was not missing .. so long ago she ran out of the stairs. Class Go silekk. Finally, I started to step into the classroom ...

(to be continued..)

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