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The Angel (18)

The Angel 18

(Part: 18)

"Ekk to nonsense ..."

It was with a smile that she asked ... what else would she be angry ... I watched me a lot of lusts and woke me up and saw someone unharmed me

"I'm gonna be angry .. I still have to wait patiently for some time."

My answer is that she started telling me after a sigh ..

"Yesterday, Manafi told me I had to come to meet me.

She stopped and asked again ..

"Know who .. who's .."

"No .. .. yesterday came to see you manafale ..".
I do not want to see you in the night, but I do not know how to do it. I know that you are late too I do not know what to say .. I do not know what to say .. "

Her voice started to be ... I felt a lot of guilt ...

"We love between yesterday and I parannirunnankil in front of him and everything .. tirnnukittiyirunnu not yet been able to remind you of this nasinre Lina Le weblog .. Today I 've vedaniccirunnilla vannappea nerriyilnnum kayyinnum blood falling srrepinn atinekkaleakke .. I vedaniccat ikkayenne manas'silakkatirunnappaya..enik Advertisers have to say, or to learn about its satyamentann sramiccillallea yet .. it sounds like a complete profile orrakkakki What about all the deal would go to all that I have forgotten ... Why atraykkeallalle love for me .. "

"Nosi I ..."

"I do not want to say anything to me but still I've told you this before I've come to fill your eye with you .. I'm not going to miss you all I'm loving you ... I'm loving you ... I'll be with you till my death .. I like the love of iakachen ..."

When I see her in a single breath, my eyes are overflowing without knowing what to do ... even when I can not come in front of her. I've been suspicious for some time for the love that is tainted without the truth.

"I do not know Nosi that it's your fairer ... I'm not the only one in my life, so I'm not at all with you, I've been with you, hate and angry ... just like a word that I love you I'm not sure what to do but it's all about me,

"I do not have to worry about you for the sake of my love for you ... I do not have to hurt you, but I thought I should not feel my pain because of my love. But all of you just drop it yesterday ID .. .. If you feel that you will be able to hate me for this birth is still so in love .. But .. fide "

I'm so excited when I'm going to my shoulder, my eyes are filled with joy ...
"Faisica ..."

"What a Nazi ..."

"Ecca is telling Nas to tell him that he is nonsense .."

"I do not think NASI is back"

"So why do not you be silent?

"Oh boy ... I thought you had gone away ... I thought I was back ..."

"That's what you're gonna do with it for the beautiful face that does not make it look fine."

"You've never seen my face ... Nazi ..."

That question did not answer me ... instead I knew he was throwing her tears on my shoulder ...

"I do not know how much I love you ..."

I've said it with a smile and she has no change ...
Slowly, I stood up with my hand and put her face in my arms ...

"Faisica ... are they beautiful, they look good on the face ..."

The unexpected question is ... mum was replied ... maybe she wanted to see me .. but how

"I know you will be my faizi beautifu ... oh man, see you oh yeah ... you only see me ... night all night asleep i stand alone praying i have a look at my eyes for a few more minutes ... no luck ...

I'm just going to have a look at the face of the face ... you can not see the beauty of the face ... you can see that it's not just getting upset ... you need to be addicted to this until you die ink ... you have to solve the eye with your eyes ... "

"Nazi .. the truth is you see ... there is a angel, you are the angel who came down to heaven, I have never seen a single woman so tired of seeing you ..."

Her face had started to shine ... Nazi's spots on the hand of the nap could be seen .. if she had a patience to listen to me there was nothing to worry about.

The time has come to three o'clock ... and the one hour after it's gone, the college will end up at the end of the day she talked with her ... and when the kids started to go home, she left the bus and left home when she ran to Rachi.
Nazi told him that he was going to go home with him, and he said, "Alk, do not you tell me what you are saying?" Then one of the warnings of a stranger.

And when he came home, I walked home and went home with full laughter

"If you want me to go to school, do not you see me coming in college anytime you ask me what is the class cut?

I dont want to go back to my face

(to be continued

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