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The Angel (20)

The Angel 20

(Part: 20)

As you can see in the mosque, you can see that the two of us are going to see you in the church for a few days. Tell me about go I murrattekkiranni T ..

The light is not white, but the light is burning in the neighboring houses, and I walked to the mosque by demonstrating the torching in my hand.
I started going to the church by taking a fast wool (member cleaner).

After praying for a few moments after a while, I could get back home with a little tea together with the stomach. I could not see her in front of Nazi's house and went there a little more.

 When I was drinking tea at home, I looked up to the face of the oh my silence .. as a stomach

"What 's up?"

"It's just that you do not tell me what you're doing, but you're not sure what's going to happen to you. Go to another house and go there A girl, tell me not to teach any of my family members .. "
Umuchi was talking about the face of Jasmine who was drinking tea with me. And as soon as he heard it, he drank tea, kissed her face, tearing her face and going to the kitchen.

I 'm going to go to the hospital,

I do not know what to do, but it's just the way it's going to be. It's all right Like a shadow ...

I'm not sure if it's going to happen, but I'm not sure what to do ... With the headband the ballot Kansas neakkatey a warning to climb quickly through class .. .. Time and again peaykeantirunnu bellaticcatum wanted to blame her class, I began to walk up and ...

I was so excited to hear about the sound of a car from the back of the car. I looked at her nicely when she took me in the car and pulled me out of the car. She looked at me with a nice look. I walked to class with her .. and in the back of the class, I came from the door. .

When Nazi found that no one was coming to the bench, I overcame him in my arms and turned her in the bench and broke her fault with my face ...

"You're going to catch her in the hands of her boyfriend, not her sister's hand. No one should see you at seven times..Did you have a girlfriend, your friend is here .. or else you will know the nature of this Naseef .."

I was told that he was caught in my caller in front of so many children in front of the kids .. He pushed me out of the class and pushed me out of the class .. I did not even know what the kids were doing ...

Nazi's blue eyes filled with the pain that hit me in the face of the pain .. I'm thinking about what she's bending with her eyes like a cloud of rain

Nazi's mum ... trying to mute her while in the internet, she does not even mind when she lights up ... All the kids eat at the lunchtime and she only sits in the canteen Rashi will say I'm not stuck in class ...
Each of the pigs were slow like every epoch.

After the class, the children were all excited from baggage ... Finally I lost patience and I told Nazi that Nazi went to Nazi and angrily angrily told me not to leave me.

 "The guys in the Nazi Manaf, Manaf nikkahayiyirunnu wife ... yesterday night, I left my home and telling pealumariyatearu, no one could tell ... Manaf maniyarayilekk bride into the house vatilataccappeayan itariyunnat ... I say to him, losing to shorten his stay in front of a penninullatellam is dedicated to Kanulluru, the wife of the role of ..

 I have been trying to get away from him, but the last time he was defeated .. his touch from me on the back of my hand. No, I'm his girl since his majesty made me up, forget everything "

"Nazi" ... I went away without knowing it ..

"I'm not sure how long it will be, but it's just a matter of time. Until the day of his death I would purusanuntankil it's just ... it's not you, it is only taranenre kayyilullu enikkavu only provide ..

 I can not live with another woman so i can not live in my mind ... I can not live without it ... I can go to Dubai with Manaf ... Tomorrow we have to let you see what we saw in your eyes, maybe this will be our last sight. .

Sprinkle the pigeon. I will not be able to walk with you ...

I'm not sorry for this .. I'm going to die with this curse and I'll die ... I'll have to give my consent ... "

I'm hearing it from the smile .. for a long time for my dear Prancos .. For Nasik .. And yet she did not listen to me .. but I did not see her .. So i said Nasia Manaph .. Nazi. What I do now does not seem to be able to make her own. She loses my life forever

When I heard the sound coming out of the car, I looked up to Nazi's face ... and that blue eye, she would be happy to let me go with that happy smile ...

I do not know how much i love you ... but i do not know what to do ..

Finally, I looked back and looked at it ... I did not go in front of the manaf and walked through the back of the library ...

Umma and Sampath went to the hospital. Jasmine and I are just home, she has no grandfather.

I have a lot of things to do ...

Outside the hall I have come to a chair where I have been regularly sitting on the chair ... There is something else for me to look out to the outside.

Nazi's words to keep her mind away from her mind ... I can not wait for her

I can not help you with the fact that she loved someone else's life. It was not for me to talk to her. Or it is only with the assurance that the consciousness will be totally lost ...

There is no peace of Umie's information. Then suddenly I got a call from the back of jasmine ....

(to be continued....)

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