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The Story of a Revenge (1)

The Story of a Revenge

(Part: 1)

At the end of the lamp, it was the pride of the big house when I got to the right ... Finally I have completed my very own tomorrow's goal ...

"Laxmi bought the lamp and said," This girl who is going to go to the house, where she is not singing, let alone good for my children "

I do not know what to do .. I'm not going to get out of the way.

I'm in the big sofa in the hall .. all my beauty is busy, the neighbors and family are a great choice ... I've seen everyone smiling when everyone smiles, I'm jumping on a layer of the door and jershot me up ... I'm my wife too My wife, I've been so late Rramillatta ceadikkanamenikk instead of sankatannalkk counteth ...

It was a frosty hawk even though I had a bad swelling .. It was then that a woman from the side came to me.
"Jaya sarappatta is a baby in the house and you do not expect so much as your assignment, anyway your shelve is not wrong..You have a good friend, aunt like this .."

I'm gonna smile at him and hear him talking to Amma's voice talking smile ...

"" I 'm going to have to go to Mangalapuram with that car, I' m going to have to go there anyway, do not forget,

A smile on her head gave her a smile and said to her aunt, What a lovely woman

After a few early iruttatin, upfront look on the face of the mother vannenne cirikkanamennunt elunnelppiccu..a hand, I can not .. because of not wanting to worthless son's feet with a refreshing anathapenn The compulsion to be flexible, rumor is the pride of this great house, and daughter for money or kayarivannat..allenkilum Mangalam daughter is gaining its taravattilekk I ukayaran property ...

I'm not sure what to do with this one, but I'm not sure what to do with it. Pu Laughing with ...

I've opened the door after you've got to make sure that I'm going to go inside, it's all over the world, and I feel like it's something like a niche, I do not even see the wall with ornaments, the great cord is written with rose colors, milk and fruits in a pan.

Jayan's big picture on the wall was hanging on the wall. The mind started to smell in the mind .. There was not much time in front of me, even if I had a lot of time before, but I did not need much difficulty
I wear the ornaments of the bride and the silk dressed in the bathroom to go to the bathroom to go to the bathroom ... take a nite and take a look at the glasses ... the knuckle on the knees of the well and put the hair on the back of the hair.

I waited for a long time with my smile .. my husband ..

(to be continued....)

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