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The Story of a Revenge (2)

The Story of a Revenge

(Part: 2)

I'm looking forward to seeing her in my bed ...

As time passes, my first night is the happiest night of a woman. And the night that she keeps all the time she keeps on as a mate.

It's just a beginning, I am going to solve the figures so I put him under my wrist .. Now I have to start from one ..

I'm not sure if it's a good thing ... I'm not sure what to do ... My oldest time was when I saw the dances lying ice cream on each other. At the end of the day I'm standing next to another truth ..

I turned to listening to the sound of the door, drunken lickate jane rum came to the corner ... I expected, he did not dare to come up against me, so much to me, but there was no slight clue of guilt in me.
"If you have a love for me, then you will be able to get the water out of here. Until death, no hell ... "

After loud talk he got the rest of the drug in his mouth again and again .. In the meantime, I stood down in the street and went to the side and placed it in his hand.

"Praga Naye, we thought we could pick up the thing we had in the bathroom .."

He was crying to get up on the floor, but he could not even get up to go to the next step ...

The filling of the alcohol powder washed up in the room, quickly rinse the shells of the bottle into one of the boxes, then put him in a way and put it on the bed and turned on the AC.
I'm not going to miss you anymore, but I'm not sure if it's going to happen to you. I do not know what I have, but if you do not do it to me, my parents will not be forgiven.

I've been in a mood for a long time, but I'm not sure what to do ..

 I do not have a chance to get up from the bed when I feel like I have been feeling as though I had to get up and sleeping, but when I looked up my hand I realized that one of his legs was put on my chest and could not help but screwed up with his hands, pulling him off with a waist I'm lying ... I'm not safe here, I know how long it's going to be a moment, there's a man with a heart of stone at the end of it, and they will not be thrown to kill without anyone.

This is a wedding we have been celebrating here with you.

At the wedding, Kalyanamma's son was showing the goodness to bind a form of an orphanage. They do not know that she was all there and that she was the same son of Kalyani Amma who had no one else ...

Everybody was seized by the sleeping ...
I'm waking up in the warm sunshine that comes out of the jungle, jumping into the bathroom in the bathroom quickly and walks out of the room, and he is out of the room ...

Each time the stairs are up to 8 o'clock, each step is to go to the kitchen, where the older daughter-in-law Lakshmi Chechi and Jayan's mother are preparing breakfast.

I went to Washabe in front of my mother and was standing behind my mother..I saw lakshmi chechi in the chapatti shovel and smiling chappati

I do not know where I came from. I went to the ground and called them mother, and they turned away from me a little bit.
"Hey, I 'm going to get you up, come on, come and go,

I'm not sure what to do ... I'm not sure what to do ..

I started to step up each step with courage.

(to be continued...)

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