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The Story of a Revenge (3)

The Story of a Revenge

(Part: 3)

I started to climb the steps one by one. I started to open the door with a little trembling, and found him on the bed.
I'm a shocker

"H how did you turn it around?

He puts his hand on his cheek with a sad smile ..

"But you can come up with something that I do not know, but you know me again. Here you are, my wife. You're mine, you're up to me. Your end will be by this hands ..."

Before he could speak, his hands were tight on my neck. I did not even get out of the shirt. I was trying to get to the breath.

I've been tired of having to get off the crib, as a whole froze
 The change of way to go to office opened the door ..

"Do you look at me here, you can see me and other people, you will see another face with my face .. Wash your face and walk down."

The smile is out of the door and the door is powered with him, and I can not stand in front of an orphanage and handliness with no one else .. My helplessness is well worth the question.

First of all, let's get to his mother all his way to the front.

I washed my face with one of my minds and I walked down to the bottom ... I was in the chair of the hall and took care of the mother in the chair. He saw a smile with a smile ...

The days are gone, and his troubles come together, and the firm belief that all will end in my victory ... and in the meanwhile, I was seen as a daughter rather than a daughter-in-law of that big house .. I have seen my efforts to succeed.

It's just that we've been trying to do it for the first time, but I'm not sure what to do with it. Was ..

With the phone call from below, the mobile ring at the door started to hear the ring on the phone again and walked by and took it by hand and ordered both the call ..
The backside is a thin voice ...

Just a moment ago through the light of a thunderbolt .. I asked one thing without being able to believe it

"Who did not understand?"

She was crying, she started speaking after a short silence,

"I'm a cheat.

"I do not remember you, I'm not forgetting, I'm not forgetting..It's just life, you're all dead long ago ..."

"Sumo, I'm not called to tell the old one, but you're the last one in the hands of the evil, in your hands, your life is like this .. you're afraid, you can not live with him .."

"I think you could have talked like something else, you're okay, you're okay ... my number will be in your hand, you will not even dream or even in the dream. I'm sweet, i have someone to call me ..."

"My wife is a two-year old girl .. I've got a bite in my country here and there's a shop in my country .. I'm always going to call you out of here, but i do not know how to respond to you,

"I'm so excited, I'm so glad I'm here ... I'm just glad I'm here, just like a lovable girl, that's just enough .. I'm calling you .."

I did not want to answer.
I was once walking in the shadows, the year .. that friendship was my life like this .. I remembered all of my mind again why come back to me

The mother went to the bottom of the kitchen and looked at the face of a good feeling. 'You're going to sleep and sleep,' said my mother back to the room.

Back to the room and the AC turned on the couch.
My mind started to walk back and walk back to my old life of happiness and more peace of mind, never recovered.

(to be continued...)

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