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Diary nots of Doctor Anitha "children care"

children care

Read this experience by Dr. Anita Vijayan, who understands the need to learn to care for her and save her daughters instead of being a victim.

The daughter of the twenty-nine?

The woman's eyes sitting on the train pushed me off and looked at me. I did not say anything and did not laugh at it.
I and my heart started to hear this question.

She used to ask at her childhood

What's the matter with me?

By the time she went through the question, she did not get a clear answer to this question, then she could not ask this question. Now she is 13 years old.
Now she's got older and mature.
All of them should be opened to my daughter .. My daughter's life can not be ruined as ignorant or discreetly ruined my life.
No, my daughter should be able to say no no no no no.

That train journey from Tamil Nadu to Kerala ..

At the time I was teaching in class 10, I joined the next tuition center. Arunraj was a teacher of Maths ..

My beauty
The color was depicted.
Even the sweat that sticks to my forehead, he does not forget to use the words.

I fell in the recognition that my beauty was the first in my life ...

On a special class day, all the children were told to stop me ...

I can not hold my passion in his lanterns and touchsets ..
At that moment I forgot myself ...

All the time went home ... The guilt of feeling guilty to me
The father, mother, and sisters could not even look at the face ...

In the next few days, Arun Raj did not even look at me
His attitude changed over the days.

At first it hurt me, but I slowly tried to forget it.

One day I realized the truth and shook my heart.
I have a life in my heart ..

Arun Raj has introduced the thing in front of me.
I'm getting married or I'm threatened to die ...

He realized that things would go out, he promised me two days and promised to go wherever we wanted to go.

Days after waiting ... but after a week he did not return.

The hidden life in my heart is growing.
So I was making a mature motherhood in my character and activities.
It took me almost two days to sit.
 I do not know how long this secret can hide in my being.

All the symptoms of a pregnant woman are shown in me.
I was so angry

"Two months have passed."

Arunraj did not come in ..
The wire is starting slightly ...

"Three of the months are over."

Waiting to hide the bag with a small bag

Still, Arun Raj thought of suicide and thought about suicide.

I realized that it would be better for you to die and lose the honor of my and my family.

 But I was afraid to die in my life.

School uniform was inadequate for everyday days.
Going to school in chechi's uniform for a number of reasons

"Four of the month is over."

My stomach and motherhood in me were not able to conceal.

One night
I understood the mystery of life hidden in me.

Noisy then ..
My father beat me ..

I told him all about breathlessly smiling and smiling tears

The younger brother and father join the decision to destroy the baby ..

The doctor said the four months were not possible for the abortion.

Will not you beat it? My little boy's reply
I was very scared of my younger brother ...

"Go through five in the month."

The oldest daughter in her home is in the stomach and knows that she is in the stomach.

One day, my father came home, not to endure disgrace.

The birthday family ..
My neighbor stole me ...
In the meantime, one of my stomachs trampled ...

And that's just the tread of the tune.
I'm caught up in the floor ..
We stuck on the stomach, crying and crying.
Finally put the lock inside the darkness

Baby is dead
Those thoughts started to get mad.

So slowly, I realized that my mind's fault was missing.

Fearing the light and listening to the small sounds.

Whenever you were sitting in the corner of darkness ...
I'm a kid ..

I'm shocked.

It stuck to me again and again inside the stomach ..
Waking up .. I do not know how to share that happiness. Within four walls tears were full of joy ..
My father was taken to a mental health center in Tamil Nadu.

I'm thinking of being away from the country and from my family ...

I was talking to a psychologist called Purushothaman.

I'm not crying ....

He was so sorry that he was not mad here.

What's the matter?
The lovely doctor asked me the answer to that question ..

I'll give you a try. Doctor can not endure such humiliation and humiliation.

Doctor smile
Let's go to a place.

In my car ..

The kids showed hungry babies in the street without eating one hour.
Because of the fact that it was not cleaned, there was a group of beggars who did not give me a job.
The rest of us are hungry and thirsty

The doctor took me to a hotel.
Parsley bought some stuff from there ..

It is said to give children to hungry on the street ..
I extended the package of food to them ..

I'm happy with their faces ..
The hungry kids weeping

Fail not to afford me
Doctor asked .. how much did the worms get hungry in your life .. How many people have done happiness in the face ..
It will be a great pleasure for you to forget all the life you have in your life .. So you must forget what you have done with it .Being life in the society for the sake of a lot of poor people should move forward with life boldly. Learn a lot and get to a good level.

I'm crying ..
The doctor taught me a great lesson. God will be there for those who do not.

We are living on behalf of our own selfish interests .. From our feelings of solitude, suicide is what we need to live for society.

I know the truth that my father is a paternal grandfather.

The doctor called my father in the phone and gave me
My father was crying

Can not see you beat ...
He's not a bloody person but he's a sibling ....

"I'm alive .."

"Gave birth to a daughter ..."

That big man, Purushotaman, Taught me. Made him a doctor like him ...

Train arrives in Kerala
My daughter was dying while listening to my stories.
She was sleeping with my chest.

It's all open to her ..
I felt a big burden on my mind.

She should know what to know .. She does not have a bitter experience like my life tomorrow
I need to say that ...

Let's get pregnant
 In the age of living in the world of dreams .. they must be aware of the realities of the real life of the green ...
Each day, the parents should make it easier for each other to make a mistake in my life.
"We have built our heaven for ourselves
Like hell "

It is a poem word.

With love: -
Dr. Anitha vijayan.
general physicion.

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