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The Story of a Revenge (4)

The Story of a Revenge

(Part: 4) 

The mind started to walk backward and back to my old life of happiness and peace that never got recovered, with the friendship and friendship of my friends

I was in a gorge with four ohs and I had a family with a family of two parents, but my father did not have a permanent job, but it was not enough to take four o'clock in the middle of the night. That was the feeling of suffering in the house .. I felt like a little from the child. I was just like my mom, but i was happy with love and sir .. We only have books to study together in poverty.

Plus, it's up to me to put someone in hand and look at the rest of the rest of my mother's words against my father.
The words of my father's words: "Monsa, Mulika, I have taught you in front of someone who has learned Mulkha ... I have taught you before, and some of the best people in the country"

Kantiru better than I buy the debt from the hand of the abdukkayute in the market for a tearoom to stick to food only after I was vituvittiranni toward college costs heasrralilekk..admisanre vannitaran good clothes, even in the hands of his father's money vantikkuli pearanulla ..tiriccu tikannirunnilla to say with a plate Daylami hostel ahead ..
I was so excited to see that my father was back home.

The faces of the hostel room were unimaginable ... I found that the chairs in the room were the first one to keep away from me, and all the rest of the room started to keep away from me. All of them are children who are not aware of the affliction.

What else would it be like?
It's just that we're going to go out in the classroom.

I went out in the morning to feed the night to feed me in the furrow that was lying on my fingers..It was just another child's dress lying on the side of the neighborhood when I was lying on the side of the neighborhood.

The hot hot chapathi and sea pepper, I saw the water filled with the mouth. It was like eating a long time, and remembered my little kittens.

 A group of young people came to the room when they ate meals.
"Nicky, there's a tornado in your hand and you're pulling down and you've gone to the bottom of the chair. And you're not deliberately tied down by the seniors ..."

In fact, just one of them happened to me because of their speech. The round is the team's team,
 "Adi Smita, pulling Krishna and tearing it down and scrolling her"

'Tear is the only skirt, I do not have a hand to go tomorrow', but he cried and said, 'Tomorrow you want to go without a cloth.'

I looked at them in front of them. I looked at them with a lot of horses, so all the others in the room looked at me sympatheticly ...

I've been waiting for a day off, and I'm so excited to have a binge packed bag of niche in the classroom, and on the first day of college I missed

 I do not know what to do next..but go home, go deeper to my father, dad you wanna get worse for mole

I was thinking about it, but it was not a good one.

"If it does not, it is not new, but new
If you do not like it, let's go to shop.

Tiriccearu Thank you for looking, I took the dress to tell before you, saying, Thank God I never expected that the child natannuninniyirunnu.innaneann deck., So beautiful, so full of stones pitippiccittulla viewed it for the first time in the hand of the mind, because, as soon as ayirunnankilennu cintic naleyeannu kutiyayateate perphyuminre smell of atilnn Earlier, it was felt that even to ask the child to tannupeaya irikkunna ormavannat..per., In any case, I guessed kuttiyallenn in this room ...

I could not see but could not find ... I had breakfast early in the morning ..

Walking distance to a ancuminutt see that already barely stand up against the college exactly five silamullatinal elunnerru..kuliccu and foliage in the morning .., W beard..nattil the way I see it, the Welcome navagatarkk celan..otta in the middle of a large, decorated in ettiyatarinnilla tearanannalkkeant in front of each kalcakantu College Iccuvalarnnat like, spread on campus ,, .The number of children who hears it ...
BA English, visayam..pantteatte found yourself in that class on the subject taught by teachers with bud'dhimuttiyenkilum more srad'dhikeatukkan parannat..kuracc in the heart of it went to the front bench ... teattappurattirikkunna if the child was given to me yesterday dres'setutt child ,, not .called tanne..onn maticcittanenkilum avalepeaya .. parijayappettu year, to me, came from far away, but I am so daridryamullavalalla, learn pretty good currupatullaval, father, brother and engineering the Gulf of total ..

As soon as the teachers came in, it turned out to be a day off ... back and forth I was walking to the hostel.

(to be continued... )

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