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Hi-Tech robbers

Hi-Tech fraud

     The Internet comes with newcomers and newcomers.  The hi-tech robbers robbed of these robbers.  'Cyberdome' has become a scapegoat.  It has grown into a world where thousands have stolen thousands of thousands of robbers.  The robbers who are not the face of their work continue to sit somewhere.

 There are a number of ways to cheating online.  But it is our negligence that we lose money everywhere.  Whatever awareness will not be to share the secret information, people will break the tactic if there is little change in the fraud.

How to start frauds

 Time for Facebook and WhatsApp.  We searched for those who created an e-mail address.  Your e-mail address is selected in the lucky draw in Europe.  The first prize is the amount of durable mineral oil.  A drawing image was also in the mail.  The bank also had to provide bank account information to transfer money.  Many believed it, kept the information secretly, without telling anyone.  Those who say openly to their friends listen to the same mail.  And those who went out secretly, were thrown on the forefront of the online.
 Later, the mobile phone became the message that your mobile number was chosen 'lucky draw'.

 Another message was sent to those who sent the account information to buy the lottery.  Pay lakhs to the tax and processing charge to send an account to the account.  The amount of deductible amount of money paid to the minds of the money did not reveal their mistake.

 "OTP"  Do not ask...

 As time passes, everyone has bank accounts and ATMs.  The card was also received.  All accounts connected to mobile.  The scaregers threw new tactics.  Most of those who are technically unwise are scared.

 He called me from the bank.  There are some problems with the account and the Card Name and Card Card Verification Issue Number (CVV) card in the ATM have been asked by the scamsters.  It's too late for ordinary people to know that they have lost money.  The fraud has been reduced after the crowbin expires over the issue.

 But then the OTP took place.  (One time password) is a scam.  The folks who call the phone say, do not tell the secret PIN number, rather than the four digits in the phone, all right.  Many of those who missed the money.

 When this fraud pick up, the look changed little.  Large numbers of beta-data scams are leaking.  Afterwards, he chose to wear English and others.  The English-language call was said by the bank's head office.  ATM  The OTP card came in the phone to get the card faster.  Needed to be told.  The fraud, including the personal information and other bank information that was posted in the database, wrongfully noted the letter.  This means it's really a banker.  Those who lost their money immediately lost.
 In December last year, teachers in a college in Kottayam had such a scam.  The assessment is a fraud.

Such fraud has been increased since the ban was lifted.  In addition, the bank mergers and the chip-carded cards have all been used by the fraudsters to find ways to cheat.

Call center and coaching

 Online fraud teams are concentrated in Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Bengal.  Kochi City Cyber ​​Cell in-charge YDT has been informed that many of the companies that have been involved in online cheating have been informed that they are concentrated in Jandhara region of West Bengal.  Pramod says.

Training to start online fraud centers  Training of up to Rs 1 lakh is given through fees.  There are also institutions that train women.  They are trained to work online fraud call center.  Otp by phone  Women are taught to take.  Hindi will be given special training in English only.  Here's a section of people see online fraud as a profession.

 Most of the fraud groups are changing the money to e-wallet.  By using these things, you can buy online and make money.

They come with a friendly life
 From some non-experienced countries, Facebook has come up with some front favors.  The conversation lasted as a friend.  All the family members shared one another.  In the meantime, the foreigner convinced them that they are crores and live alone.  Then fraud begins.  A prize will be sent to your home.

 A few days later, I told you in the parcel office.  A parcel has come from abroad and it has a million dollars.  If you want to pay the money, you have to pay the money online.  When the money was closed online and Parsley went missing, he called back to the parcel office, but the name was switched off.  The strange thing about outsiders is to say to their friend that their account is disabled.  Kochi Cyber ​​Cyber ​​Cycle Corporation

 Smartphone for Rs 100

 The pendrive for a 100 rupee, the forwarded message that comes with a smartphone called `Smart Phone ', is known on Watsup.  The phone needs to be able to climb the message on the message to buy.  The web address that resembles the names of major e-commerce sites.  Enters the courage.  A clear web page is well known.  Account Information Online will be provided online for Rs 100.  Everything is otp.  On the screen you will see that the reduction of the transaction is not right.  Need to try again later.  In the meanwhile, the account would have reached a lost message.  No hundreds, no two or three zero after zero.  We can verify that we have transfered into a fake web page and then check the web address.

 The loan will be e-mailed

 The e-mails will come as loan passes.  Some other mails will be offered a huge amount of low interest rates.  When contacted by these fraudsters, they claim that they are a private monetary institution which is not a branch in Kerala.  They will send a variety of online documents online.  The method of lapping the fraud has been passed and the processing charges are meant to be seized.

 There are also snares of scam
 We also take our personal data to download insecure apps.  This will then cause us to be fraudulent.  There are a number of spy apps that work for the secrets.

 Fake apps are available until the bank logo.  The fraudsters also have their banking intelligence logged into this.  The e-Wallet with this will clear our account in several installations.

 Do not worry if you do not grieve

 ODP of tone  If you call and ask for information, never tell it.  We have to boldly state that the information will be given to the bank's branch.

 If you receive a message that you have lost money, you should notify the cyber cell as soon as possible.  If you can notify within minutes, you are more likely to get a refund.  There are facilities available for this.

 Entering unsolicited website links will bring trouble.  When installing apps, it is advisable to avoid unnecessary permissions, especially the permission on the message.  Once the mobile data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and location are needed, turn off.  You will need to log out from e-mail, Facebook etc.  These are factors that are likely to boost our chances of hacking.
 - d.  Vinod Bhattathiripad (Cyber ​​Forensic Expert)

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