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Millions of Instagram users personal information leaked

Millions of Instagram users information leaked

Millions of Instagram users leaked their personal information

Millions of Instagram users leaked information  Online information is also available online for influencers and brands of celebrities and celebrities.

 There were no passwords for this large database that was hosted on Amazon WebSite Service.  More than 4.9 crore reports are available.

 Instagram influencers account holders include bio, profile pictures, number of followers, whether they are verified or where information is publicized, including email address, and personal information such as phone address.
The account of the instant account was discovered by security analyst Anurag Sen.  The following finds the information collected from the social media marketing firm Chtrbox, Mumbai.  This is the institution that paid the money to influencers, way and celebrities.

 Information collected by Anurag Sen has also been linked to the valuation of each account in terms of number of followers, interactions, locks and shares.

 These are the information collected to determine how much money should be given to influenzers and celebrities in Instagram to share posts.

 This includes some of the famous personal accounts of top celebrities including top food bloggers, celebrities and social media influencers.

 Chttbox authorities have placed this information offline following the contact with Tech torch reporters.  The company has not responded to this.

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