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Archana! The story of a girl (Part-1)

The story of a girl

Part- 1

 This mother is going to lie down here.  Reply with nothing.

 "Amma ... amma."

 "That's the point I've been in. I did not get the seeds that you brought yesterday"

 "Um V."


 "" I do not know what to do.

 "I'm not ashamed of myself
 Do not you feel weird? "


 I got off to the office and told my mother.  Half a hour's journey to office.  The bus missile or the block is then on that point.  The manager is bad and then escapes without gambling.



 "What are you doing?

 "Warrier sar has come and told everyone to go to the conference hall."

 "So early?"
 Sharp is about fifteen.  If they do not reach it, they will hear.  That's normal.  What's before now.  .
 We walked quickly to the hall.  Fortunately, Sar has not reached the hall.

 "Everyone wondering what happened earlier.
 My elephant car is coming up.  You have to go back.
 That's what's called in the morning.

 There is a birthday party at home on Sunday.  It invites everyone. "

 "Whose birthday?"

 "My little molten"

 Sir was invited to check some office stuff.  We are all busy with our work.


 While relaxing after lunch with the lunch, the phone rang without stopping.
 A number that's not familiar with the phone's phone.  After two or three occasions, I turned on the phone while ignoring it.


 "Hold it, this is me"

 "Is this the same number?"

 "Please call me cheering on my phone without her"

 "You're so busy"

 "Hmmm I saw him"

 It's a joy to hear that name.
 Where "Where?"

 "Here in Chennai, I went to shop at a mall."

 "Where's he?
 Ask anything for you "

 "" That 's where you are, you know I do not have a contact with you.

 "Um ... well."

 "But he said," I do not know.


 "Okay "

 She kept the phone and felt like I was afraid.
 How was the day then?
 Eat and drink.  He is here and there.  Immediately when he arrived home, he told his mother.  Just like me, my mother began to fear.  And then there was a belief that he would not have reached a peace area where there was no peace.


 The days went on.  This is the birthday of Warrier Sir's house.  There was not much interest to go.  Going with Leena is that it's bad to go.
 Leena is my best friend in the office.  Even though the person is adorable, it is a very good heart.

 When we arrived we had almost all the staff.  We got a gift from the family and left for us.

 It's like a palace.  In the foreground a large garden.  A big lot of lambs from the entrance to the garden.  Something like that.
 We walked in and out of the house all around.  The birthday cake was given to everyone.

 Warrier Sar introduced family members to everyone.

 "Hari hi come here."

 A young, handsome young man came up to you.

 "This is Harish, my young son is from company tomorrow."
 "Oh, that's what he said about him, chulano"

 "Dear, what's wrong with you?"

 "Oh no, no, I'm just waiting for my eyes out of the eye.

 Or think for yourself.
  You're good to do "

 "Just get one, I'll live forever!"

 They all moved to eat.  Then the two eyes standing next to Warrier Sir came against me.


 (to be continued)

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