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Story of Lost Nilambari (Part-1)

Lost of Nilambhari

(Part 1)

 As I was falling water on my face, I slowly regained consciousness

 The eyes opened slowly.  She smiled and looked back like a smile .She understood that she was in the classroom.  I 'm not sure what to do with that.

 "" I 'm sorry.  It was then that the Churidar was tired and suddenly on the back side of the wall he stumbled. Then the classroom was closed.

 "I 'm not sure.

 "" She did not know the deck, but when I went to fall down, she was taken back to the class I saw. "" Sandeep said.

 "" He 's a Nandan' s sister? ""

 I shouted "Yes"

 Do not worry if you have information to tell him.  Right now
 I'll bring you a new dress and let's go to class. I'll give you my shoe for a long time

 I woke up and closed the wall

 Mindan was in front of the one who wanted it to be. When I remember two of my colleagues, I felt sad again and it came out crying with a seal.

 Sandeep looking back ...
 She quickly took her phone out of the pocket and called her okay.

 After some time, Sandeep left out and closed the door.

 I tear down my clothes from the side of my hand

 Can not get out of place without being removed.
 By that time Sandeep came out from the outside and opened the door and made a packet

 It 's just that.  I got out of the door and left the door.

 I put the strap on the paper and took a whole cup of eye and then took the packet in my hand and looked at it
 Top orange pearl shield designed with orange color on the creme color line. I suddenly became dressed and heard a couple of words out loud.

 When I walked out and walked out, there were two teachers and a college party.

 Two people have been detained by Sandeep .She is trying to understand what the teacher is telling them.

 When I went down the teachers started searching for me. When I stood there with them, they ran and ran and asked where did the chest come in? ""

 When I saw the chest, the whole thing was about to break up, and I rang it and ran and cried and cried.

 Sandeep is not in this college, but it has become a matter of serious concern.  There are things that can be said to have gone through college.

 He said no one should complain to the police
 Principal staff meeting called

 A girl child should be complained of being harassed, or if she has any prospect in the future, it will affect the college.

 The police came in and asked me what to say. I told him about the things that happened. Sandaep is also said to be the same. But after getting a complaint from the college, the police decided to take him to Sandeep. Police have been accused of harassing the girl.

 "" I do not know what to do, "he said."

Sandeep went down, headed in front of me.  When she got out of the room, she bowed her head in the jeep.

 I had to say something to be comforted but the situation stopped me. The gate passed over.

 She said that she's sitting in class today

 Two men walked in the courtyard in the courtyard of the house. Surprised by seeing the sound

 Both of you and today

 It was then that the mother said to me, "What are you doing with this new dress? Where did you go?

 I went in and without saying anything.

 Chettan said to her mother, "Amma immediately called my father
 My father came back to the room. And by now I changed clothes.

 "" What 's up with you? "He asked.

 I did not smile and said nothing, no matter how daddy my father becomes tension.  That said also, I took my father and told him that he had been sitting on the bed.

 All I can do is go to the police station and go to the police station.

 I sat up and talked to her mom.Don't go back some time and father and chettan came back

 I went to my father to find out the information she went with. My father still did not change the tension.

 "What about you?" "

 There is nothing that a shell there is, it is difficult to get bail because the girl was kidnapped in college.

 His father is a lead advocate in the Magistrates' Court. They are Sethu Madhavan and Sethu Associates.  Sometimes it's time to go to station or station

 It was a great burden on the nose of a police officer.

 I do not know how to do it, but I do not know what to do with it.

 I got into the room

 My dear father came in and asked me to call his father and he told me to go to the station.

 When a little boy fell down, a car came out of the courtroom and a woman and a man came down from there

 My father went out.

 "" Krishnankutty are all "" they asked?


 "Can you sit inside?" There is something to talk about

 Sometimes my father sars them in

 A woman with a good sense of luxury. To be honest, a younger person is someone in a good position

My name is Arundhati, wife of Advocate Sethumadhavan. This is my younger brother Devan.

 I'm not sure what to do, but it's just the way I've got it.

 The guy who came with me said: I and my sister go to the station. I am willing to help any one. Krishnankutty should help.

 My father looked at him

 "The SI said that the case could have been corrected if it avoided the bullying of the girl without any serious damage.  Therefore, if you write that you do not like the case from the case, you can take him away "

 He said he was looking at his father and he said he was standing quietly and he told me that he had called the principal and he did not like the case.  And then the girl's family will be told as they say

 He looked at his father in the past

 Two minutes later my father said, "" I did not even care. We went to the middle of the station.  In college where my mon studying, you too will learn that he is one of the best children in college

 I do not have any opinion about talking to him at the station. I'm so sorry for the police case that my daughter is in the name of the difficulty of my daughter. Two men asked me at the junction right at me.

 "" That 's all.  That's just a poem. It's enough to say what we want to do. "

 But in the morning, Molly also arrives at the station
 "Mother gave them water to drink

 They told me to see me in the morning

 My father called me and walked out of the room.

 She's very close to me, and I'm not going to tell you what's wrong with me.

 "" I do not know what to do, "he said."

 They went on the journey

 My father came in and we could go to the station tomorrow morning.  But when we told him, we realized that our father's breast was crumbling

 In the morning, the father and the grandson, the Grandfather and a lawyer who was familiar with the poor man went to the station. Sandeep was my uncle and someone else. When he went to the chair, he was sitting in the chair with a man.

 He said, "I do not know what to do with it.

 He is a good man with a mustache and shiny eyes on a bigger face. Paperbell's father has brought him red. The owner's friend looked back and looked back.
 Then he looked at Sandeep's father and said, "Sir, I would not

 He laughs at once

 By the time a boy brought tea.  SI told everyone to give it. One small head that came inside came back inside and came back with tea

 "Sir said no inward"

 She told him to go there, and he went away

 He is the only one who has ever been. "

 To PC.  Call him now

 I was surprised by the sight of a policeman and a visitor who came back from there. Sandeepin

 Sandeep saw him and said that the SI drank the water again.

 The policeman alongside the tea glass said, "" "Everyone drinks with you"

 Take that tea for yourself

 I took tea and stretched towards Sandeep

 Sandeep raised his face and extended it towards tea cups and I told him to drink tea.

 (to be continued)

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