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Story of Lost Nilambari (Part-2)

Lost of Nilambhari


 Sandeep got tea from my hand .I gave it a little bit and gave it to me.  I saw Sandeep slowly drinking tea, and I felt like a relief when Sandip was drinking tea.

 "" I do not know what to do, "she said."  Sandeep's father gave me a paper and signed it. He smiled at me and I gave him a smile.

 Sandip was called and asked to go with her father.

 Everybody went out. Sandeep's uncle came and went with his father's hand and said, "It's a great thing you've done. What should be the need of it? Let's start with a friendship."
 "It's been a bit of a political game because it's an opportunity to get his father's head bent. That is what happened with your good decision."

 By now, Sandeep's father came and thanked his father. He said he would go home once in time.

 Nandetan and Sandeep said the journey.

 All I can do is go to my house .I am looking forward to going to the beach and going to the beach.

 I went to my room and went to my room. I went to college to find my sister.

 I wrapped around her mother.  After the afternoon, my father went out .I drank in the evening and drank tea and cheese came from Chettan College.

 Chettan came to my room when the lady came back to play with me.

 "" What are you doing?

 "Nothing I should not get into this room"

 "It's not so frequently asked why"

 Let's see if you are studying but not going to get into it

 "Oh, have the job of checking inspector came to me?"

 "That's it"
 The nicketan came and sat in the chair near the table. Then I asked the book that I was reading and asked, "How are you here with your friend in the vanity !!!"

 I'm surprised when the brother asked immediately what's the matter of abusing, "What's it like to say Nando's helplessness?" "

 "" You say you just say "

 "When you look at college and ask me something, you will reply"

 "" What are you doing here, de - tension?

 One would say slowly, 'Amma thinks she's nicer

 "Tell me what's up" "

 "Now he is making a breakthrough over what he did behind you without mending it

 In yesterday's events, he was going to college and at home

 No one knows how to be in college. No one has ever heeded what he says here, because everyone knows you well

 "But I do not know what's inside the college"

 "I know my nurabari I know my father and mother are in this country know"

 "So my mum goes tomorrow and goes to college .Yes,

 It is your duty to take a look at my face and smile .That 's what my mum is going to learn.Everyone is with you

 "" That's why this is to remind you that you've come to talk to my father,

 "But sit down and remember that this is enough to remember Keto"

 I had a headache, I could not read a line

 The next day I was asked to drop me on college gate. "" You have to remember all that you said,

I do not know what to do with it.

 Like chettan said, there was a lot of comment from me on the way I was going to take a walk.

 My friend was very angry at him.

 "It's just that we're going to be in the mood.
 There was a child watching me in the bus

 I've seen you before, but sometimes I know the events of the college.

 I just wanted to be very young.

 After a few more minutes, the chettan came up and gave me a look at the events I was about to arrive at. Okay, some of the things you have to worry about when the tongue is hounded.

 Then my father is not going to say anything to his father

 I shake my head and agreed

 One week passed.  There was nothing wrong with me.

 I'm waking up at the bus stop when I'm a lame to leave. So I'm going to share with that girl.

 She asked me what those cheats say and what the maiden is not silent.  I can not help but feel the same way. "" If I answer that, then he will say more and more about it. Then it will be a big deal. He will stay long after I'm silent. "

 "My father is the one who broke down in the name of this thing. I can not afford a father in my own words,

 "The months gone by and abu told me that the last year's tour was from the college I did not go to go and my father told me that I'm not going"

 I had a great desire to go with my great desire. We were so good friends.  Her school will tell her until her bus arrives.

 I do not care about any other thing.  When the college ended, I was also worried about college life

 Never once did I meet Sandeep.  I had the desire to see. I was not angry with Sandeep for this incident.

 After that, Chettan said that he had got a job through campus selection. After the course, he could enter the job.

 I have gone through the exams and gone home. My father was old like old

 Every Sunday at night, everyone was at home. Amma was so busy working in the kitchen. Daddy and chettan drank the darling.  My father told me to drop it when the rush was lifted from the ground

 So when I was with my sister and my mother, I heard a sound out there

 My father called me to tea, and made me take tea.

 "" Do not stomach your hand and stir up "" If you do not, you can not cook it right.  I'll be back in. "

 "I'm looking at my mother's waist and cooked it for two more minutes"
 She was just a few years ago and she came out of the oven and my mother ran up there and said, "You came to see me one time"

 I look at my mom and see her "let me see !!!!  Who? ""

 "" Do you want me to go with you?

 I was familiar with the people sitting in the hall
 "" Adv.Sethumadhavan is the third wife of Arundhati, "" Anamika ... "" "
 She looked at me and made a laughing smile.

 Then her mother said, "Our daughter is" "Anamika" "Sandeep's sister

              (to be continued)

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