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Archana! The story of a girl (Part-2)

The story of a girl

Part - 2

 Like forgotten somewhere.  I look back to see how they look.  But nobody was standing there looking at them.

 I turned and looked again.  Herein will they laugh.

 "Hi, what a surprise you remember?"

 The face I've met somewhere.  But remember that.  She looked at me in the furnace without listening to her.

 "If you remember the 10 day camping camp in Bangalore, we were the group then"


 "Yes "

 What's the matter now?

 "Sorry, I did not get to remember quickly.

 How is he here?  "
 "My mother is the daughter of Warrier, you know that your new manager is my sister."

 "Oh, madam, would you call me mad?"

 "You do not need to.

 Marriage? "

 "Could not"

 That's what I want to ask, why do not you ask?  And Leena's question will be answered later.

 "That's it."

 When I thought about how to get saved, I called for a meal.
 I quickly sank in her hand and saved her peace.

 Hema's question will have to see a reply.  We started eating and eating with them.
  She went with me saying that Leena dropped me off.

 "No mahesh almost this new avatar"

 "Oh yeah, that's Hema, we were together at the camp in Bangalore"

 "Oh no"


 "Do not walk as you do not know, who's Mahesh?"

 "Oh, that's me.
 In the camp, she came to me with the proposal of her front.  I had told her that the issue of Mahesh.  And not the other "

 "Why did you not forbid him?"

 "That 's it.

 "My mood was the worst of my father's accident and death, and it was difficult for me to get married at that time, and I was forced to do that.
 What's wrong with "

 "Um, this is not enough to prove that I am not the CBI to prove the truth"
 "Get one"

 She left home.


 The new manager is taking charge today. The character is like Warrier Sir or Pet.  Anyway, the office reached the office.

 But it is not as stupid as expected.  Warrier is just as good as Sir.  So when we got a new manager, we did not feel like the usual difficulties.
 As long as it was, the following days went on.


 "Mother, we need to buy a few plants to get to the garden."

 "Why do not you have to change yourself?

 "With my mother, you can live without me, and we can take all the plants while you are home."

 "Do as your wish"

 "You can see the plants in the Mullassery village, you're all right, can we go on?

 My eyes were filled with my mother's eye. I knew that I wanted more than wish to go back home.  But it is.  ...

 Will you tell me the truth if I ask you something? "

 "What's wrong with you?"

 "Do not you feel angry about me?"


 "I'm not sure what's going to happen ... I can not stand in my house ... I'm lost in peace and happiness ... how long will you hide my life from me?

 "" What are you doing here? ""

 Joy and sorrow came together.  She hugged her and wept a little.


 "Madam is calling sir"

 "What's Raghavetta?"

 "I do not know how to call madam"

 "Um ok."

 I went to the knee cabin.

 "Me .."

 "Oh yes"

 "Sit down"

 I was in Chair in front of Sarah.

 "Is he a friend of Hema?"

 "She replied.
 I called for the clarification of that delivery list and the stock list. "

 The office phone was ringed while Lizzy was gearing up.  Speaking to a sar!  I realized he was a visitor from the room.

 "Today's new Stock Dieters should be done today"

 "Ok sar"

 "Omita Pokkola"

 She came out of Sir's cabin and came to the visitor for Sir.
 My legs started to shake when she came inside.


 (to be continued)

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